​Technology changes everything. Not only is it integral to the operation of every company and market, but it is also a universal catalyst, changing the nature of products and services and even entire markets as it evolves, emerging and adapting unpredictably and with astonishing speed. We are experiencing a technology-driven post-industrial revolution so complete that we have no name for it yet.

In this environment, legal and technology issues become intertwined and sometimes inseparable, obliging businesses to find advisers who can resolve both sets of issues simultaneously. Leaders in a range of industries trust the Blakes Technology group, one of the largest and most highly respected in Canada, to serve as their reliable one-stop shop for any legal need that involves technology.

The world’s largest multinationals and technology vendors regularly retain Blakes to assist with a range of issues, such as overseeing complex information technology (IT) outsourcing and procurement arrangements and drafting technology transfer, development, distribution, and licensing agreements. We advise companies on digital security and encryption infrastructures, and review their data processing and electronic data interchange protocols.

Smaller companies, such as hardware and software developers and e-businesses, also seek us out when acquiring technology assets and start-ups or when needing advice on the commercialization of technology products and services. We help protect ownership rights in software, handle source code escrow and trust arrangements, and provide a host of other services to technology developers. Our cohesive national team draws on talented professionals from every office nationwide.

Our industry-leading IT lawyers possess a remarkable diversity of experience and education, including backgrounds in engineering, computer science and management information systems. What we all share is a deep understanding and appreciation of the business realities of the technology industry and the ways in which technology affects countless strategic and tactical decisions that companies make every day.



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Partner | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-4295
Areas of Expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Private Equity, Technology, Communications, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Corporate Governance, Pension Funds Investment, Investment Funds, Investment Vehicles
Partner Emeritus | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-2635
Areas of Expertise: Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Copyright, IP Litigation, Technology, Life Sciences, Europe, United States, Business Crimes, Investigations & Compliance, Anti-Counterfeiting , Arbitration
Partner | Vancouver
Vancouver: 604-631-4236
Areas of Expertise: Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate & Commercial, Restructuring & Insolvency, Australia, Equity Capital Markets, Mining, Corporate Governance, Life Sciences, Technology
Partner | Montréal
Montréal: 514-982-4117
Areas of Expertise: Tax, Tax Controversy & Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology, Private Equity, Life Sciences, Aviation/Aerospace, Cannabis, Emerging Companies & Venture Capital
Associate | Montréal
Montréal: 514-982-5021
Areas of Expertise: Corporate & Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology, Intellectual Property, Copyright, Privacy
Partner Emeritus | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-2934
Areas of Expertise: Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Arbitration, Copyright, IP Licensing & Agreements, Patents, Trade-marks, Technology, Anti-Counterfeiting
Partner | Vancouver
Vancouver: 604-631-3391
Areas of Expertise: Corporate & Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions, Procurement, Outsourcing, Information Technology, Construction, China, Food, Beverage & Agribusiness, Cannabis
Associate | Vancouver
Vancouver: 604-631-3316
Areas of Expertise: Information Technology, Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology, Corporate Governance, IP Licensing & Agreements, Fintech, Emerging Companies & Venture Capital, Corporate & Commercial
Associate | Vancouver
Vancouver: 604-631-3332
Areas of Expertise: Competition & Antitrust, Foreign Investment, Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions, Technology, Merger Review & Control, Abuse of Dominance & Reviewable Matters
Associate | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-3063
Areas of Expertise: Life Sciences, IP Litigation, Technology, Patents, Intellectual Property, IP Licensing & Agreements, Cannabis
Partner | Montréal
Montréal: 514-982-4042
Areas of Expertise: Corporate & Commercial, Information Technology, Mergers & Acquisitions, Outsourcing, IP Licensing & Agreements, Intellectual Property, Cybersecurity, Fintech
Partner | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-2492
Areas of Expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate & Commercial, Financial Services Regulatory, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Private Equity, Emerging Companies & Venture Capital, Technology, Mining, Insurance, Pension Funds Investment
Partner | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-4021
Areas of Expertise: Information Technology, Outsourcing, Corporate & Commercial, Cybersecurity, Financial Services, IP Licensing & Agreements, Fintech
Counsel | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-4293
Areas of Expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Corporate Governance, Investment Funds, Energy, China, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Corporate & Commercial, Power, Technology
Counsel | Toronto, Calgary
Toronto: 416-863-3253
Areas of Expertise: Corporate & Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions, Energy, Technology, Power, Oil & Gas
Partner | Vancouver
Vancouver: 604-631-3307
Areas of Expertise: Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity Capital Markets, Corporate & Commercial, Life Sciences, Private Equity, Technology
Partner | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-3184
Areas of Expertise: Australia, Foreign Investment, Competition Litigation, Aviation/Aerospace, China, Technology, Misleading Advertising, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Energy, Retail & Consumer Products, Life Sciences, Competition & Antitrust, Abuse of Dominance & Reviewable Matters, Cartels & Criminal Investigations, Competition Law Compliance, Merger Review & Control, E-Discovery/SIRs, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
Partner | Montréal
Montréal: 514-982-4008
Areas of Expertise: Information Technology, Communications, India, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Life Sciences, Copyright, IP Licensing & Agreements, Patents, Trade-marks, Gaming, Outsourcing, Cybersecurity, Defence, Emerging Companies & Venture Capital
Partner | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-2761
Areas of Expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Corporate Governance, Shareholder Activism, Technology, Fintech
Partner | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-4318
Areas of Expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions, Debt Capital Markets, Equity Capital Markets, Corporate Governance, Technology, Cannabis
Partner | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-2667
Areas of Expertise: Information Technology, IP Licensing & Agreements, Technology, Outsourcing, Life Sciences, Communications, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Risk & Crisis Response, Fintech, Consumer/Retail Financial Services, Cannabis
Senior Counsel | Vancouver
Vancouver: 604-631-3370
Areas of Expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, Corporate & Commercial, Technology
Partner | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-4253
Areas of Expertise: Corporate & Commercial, Financial Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Power, Procurement, Technology, Banking, Public-Private Partnerships, Construction, Construction Dispute Resolution
Partner | Vancouver
Vancouver: 604-631-4243
Areas of Expertise: Corporate & Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Technology, Outsourcing, Information Technology, Fintech
Associate | Montréal
Montréal: 514-982-5093
Areas of Expertise: Outsourcing, Communications, Intellectual Property, Mergers & Acquisitions, IP Licensing & Agreements
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