Hamad Al-Dossary
Consultant | Al-Khobar
Al-Khobar: +966-13-847-5050 x9335

Hamad is licensed to practise law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He advises clients on corporate/commercial, employment and labour, and litigation and dispute resolution matters.

Hamad has experience consulting on general corporate matters, including the formation of companies, share transfers, corporate restructuring. He also advises on employment and labour issues and pleadings before labour committees, including employment standards, human rights, labour relations, workplace safety, employment negotiations and agreements, contractual obligations, and wrongful dismissals.

Hamad represents companies and individuals before various levels of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian court system, as well as handling disputes under the Saudi Arbitration Law before dispute resolution tribunals and courts at all levels.

He is fluent in both Arabic and English.