Frequently Asked Questions

How many offices does the Firm have and where are they located?
Blakes has 9 offices, located in Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, New YorkLondon, Bahrain and Beijing.
Who is the Chair of the Firm?
Brock Gibson is the Chair of the Firm. He became Chair on January 1, 2009.
Who is the Managing Partner of the Firm?
Rob Granatstein has been the Firm Managing Partner since 2001 and was the Deputy Managing Partner of Blakes from 1999 to 2001.
Who are the Managing Partners?
Firm: Robert Granatstein
Montréal:​ Robert Torralbo
Ottawa: Eric Elvidge
Vancouver: Bill Maclagan
New York: Geoff Belsher
Chicago: John Kolada
London: David Glennie
Bahrain:Graham McLeod
What is the Firm’s history?
Blakes and its lawyers have played a key role over the past 150 years in the growth of Canada as a nation and as a business powerhouse. View complete timeline.
Who should the media contact for more information about the Firm or to book an interview?
Please contact Celia Bobkin, Manager of Media and Public Relations. She can be reached at 416-863-5806 or by e-mail.