Priscilla Beard
Law Clerk | Toronto
Toronto: 416-863-3883

Priscilla is a senior clerk with the Litigation group. Her experience has been acquired working on numerous cases in various areas of litigation including labour, banking, competition, securities, intellectual property and complex commercial. Many of these cases have involved multi-party, large-loss litigation with voluminous paper and/or electronic documentation. She has e-discovery experience and well developed methodologies in document review, both in isolation and in leading review teams.

Priscilla has significant trial/hearing experience assisting counsel in preparation for and during appearances before Ontario Courts of Justice, Federal Court and the Securities Industry Regulators. Her knowledge of the securities industry and her understanding of the law and regulatory regimes that govern the brokerage and investment industry have made her a valuable asset to counsel practising in broker/securities defence work, both in civil court and before the Ontario Securities Commission. She is experienced in managing hearings with voluminous paper exhibits as well as paperless e-trials .

Priscilla has developed specialized knowledge in the area of patent infringement in the pharmaceutical industry, NOC (Notice of Compliance) proceedings, and in the technology sector. Her familiarity with technical documentation allows her to assist counsel at critical junctures of lawsuits, most notably at discovery, pretrial and trial.