Abdullah Al Ghamdi
Consultant | Riyadh, Al-Khobar
Riyadh: +966-11-418-7455
Al-Khobar: +966-13-847-5050

Abdullah is licensed to practise law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He focuses on the practice of Saudi law and is a Shari'ah law expert with extensive experience in a wide range of corporate and commercial legal matters within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including an emphasis on joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation and arbitration, banking and privatizations. Throughout his legal career, Abdullah has incorporated numerous Saudi entities, including limited liability companies and other permitted forms of companies in Saudi Arabia.

Before joining Blakes, Abdullah was a senior legal adviser to Saudi Aramco and the Petromin Refinery in Riyadh, where he advised on a wide variety of oil and gas, mining, capital markets, and concession-related contracts. Prior to that, he was legal adviser to Pioneers Securities, where his investment-fund-related work focused on money markets, fund management, general financings, Murabaha financings, insurance and Waqf (endowment) cases.

In addition to his commercial expertise, Abdullah is well acquainted with the inner workings of Saudi administrative and regulatory agencies. He has worked extensively with many Saudi Arabian governmental bodies, including the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources.