Jackie Harper
Law Clerk | Calgary
Calgary: 403-663-2238

Jackie has extensive litigation and surface rights regulatory experience that includes the areas of insurance, construction, energy, and employment. In her role, she co-ordinates the activities of the Calgary Litigation Support Department.

She is responsible for the co-ordination of large projects and provides assistance with case organization, pleadings, database management and document production, including the identification and organization of both paper and electronic documents, undertaking, trial preparation and maintenance of case rooms.

She is a resource person for precedents, case organization, document management, and software training and support. She also has experience in the document management software programs Summation, Clearwell, Ringtail and Relativity and is familiar with the e-discovery process and various protocols that affect the litigation process.

Working with regulatory lawyers in the Blakes Calgary office, Jackie also has extensive experience with all aspects of the Alberta Surface Rights Board right-of-entry order application process. She oversees and is directly involved in right-of-entry application processes for many large linear developments, including relative to last written offers and the preparation, filing and service of right-of-entry order applications.