Firm Leadership

We believe that great leaders build teams where standout performers flourish and collaborate. They foster a culture where excellence thrives and mentorship matters. Great leaders recognize that diverse perspectives drive creativity and innovation and that teamwork delivers.
Blakes takes pride in developing leaders of this kind at all levels of our organization.
Our Firm Chair, Brock Gibson, drives forward strategic vision, long-term planning and leadership for the Firm, including overall responsibility for client relationships, lawyer development and performance. Brock motivates our professionals with a cohesive and relentless commitment to client service. In his Calgary-based practice, he has advised on many of Canada’s most significant mergers and acquisitions, public capital markets and commercial transactions. Brock is continually recognized as one of Canada’s leading business lawyers.
Bryson Stokes became Firm Managing Partner at Blakes in January 2020, after holding several key roles and serving as a strategic advisor to the Firm’s leadership team. He is well recognized both internally and by his clients as a thoughtful and astute businessperson and an inclusive leader. Throughout his career, Bryson has served as a mentor and sounding board for both rising stars within the Firm and his peers. An early adopter who embraces innovation, Byson looks to technology both to increase the efficiency of our work at Blakes and help facilitate change within client organizations. His commitment to diversity and inclusion is long-standing and sincere. He appreciates the imperative for diverse perspectives and dedicates considerable effort to fostering a workplace culture where individuals at all levels have a stake in the Firm’s strategic vision and work together to drive it forward.

In developing Firm policies and approaches, Bryson and Brock draw upon the expertise of the Firm’s Executive Committee, partners and administrative executives. 

Office Managing Partners

Montréal: Robert Torralbo
Toronto: Bryson Stokes
Calgary: Ben Rogers
Vancouver: Peter O'Callaghan​
New York: Geoffrey Belsher
London: Ross Bentley​
Bahrain: Brock Gibson​
Zaichi Hu​ (Chief Representative, Beijing)

Administrative Leadership

Chief Financial Officer: Richard Prupas
Chief Client Relations & Marketing Officer: Stephanie Willson​
Chief Officer, Professional Services: Mary Jackson