At Blakes, we understand that our words and actions directly affect our social and physical environment. We also understand that if we work together as a team, we can make a difference within our community as well as our organization. For these reasons, Blakes has been at the forefront of numerous initiatives that support positive change, improve the lives of those in need, and open communication in the workplace on important issues. From pro bono work and community involvement to diversity and inclusion, women's initiatives, and environmental awareness, Blakes believes in giving back and leading forward.


Supporting thriving and caring communities is important to Blakes. It begins with respect and care for those who work at the Firm. Blakes lawyers and staff support over 150 charitable organizations, community agencies and volunteer boards through donations of time and money. read more

Environmental Excellence

How do you reduce your impact on the environment? It's a question that no doubt has been asked countless times by many people and organizations throughout the world. At Blakes, we take this question seriously. read more

Diversity & Inclusion

Blakes is committed to maintaining an inclusive work environment comprised of people with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, identities and cultures. For many years, Blakes has initiated and participated in an array of diversity programs, both internally and externally for our clients and in the community. read more


Pride@Blakes is a network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ+) professionals at our Firm. The primary goal of Pride@Blakes is to support our people and create better connections with our LGBTQ+ clients and the diverse communities in which we live and practise law. read more

Pro Bono

Blakes plays a leading role in promoting the delivery of pro bono legal services in Canada and encourages associates and partners to pursue worthwhile causes. The Firm was among the first national law firms in Canada to adopt a formal policy that treats time spent on pro bono legal services as equivalent to billable hours. read more


Blakes has long been committed to assisting women lawyers achieve business success. This was formalized in 2007 when Blakes launched the Women@Blakes network. read more​​