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Blakes Mindset

Blakes Mindset
Blakes Mindset

Blakes Mindset: Working together, better.

Blakes Mindset is an ongoing initiative to reduce avoidable stress and promote mental health and well-being at Blakes.

In 2021, Blakes became the first Canadian-based law firm to sign the Mindful Business Charter, whose signatories include leading law firms and businesses around the world. At the heart of this initiative is a set of guiding principles to enhance our workplace culture — a commercial, responsible roadmap for change based on common-sense practices. The Charter recognizes that we cannot remove all sources of stress, nor will change happen overnight — but that as a member of the business community we are committed to progress.

To continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients, we must take care of ourselves and each other. This applies not only to how we work for our clients, but also to how we work alongside them every day. As a growing number of businesses adopt similar initiatives, we are finding new opportunities to exchange best practices and foster a balanced business culture.

Blakes Mindset has four overarching principles, each reinforced by practices that extend beyond those listed here. At Blakes, we are taking a more intentional approach to:

  1. Planning and running smart meetings and communicating effectively by sending an agenda before meetings, respecting participants’ schedules, locations, availability and participation styles, and reducing the volume of unnecessary messages.
  2. Using openness and respect to build strong working relationships by discussing preferred methods of communicating, soliciting and providing constructive feedback, and recognizing each other’s meaningful contributions.
  3. Respecting rest periods and time away from work by reducing off-hour messages, managing off-hour work and ensuring a team-based approach to client service and coverage.
  4. Using mindful delegation to strengthen team relationships by assigning work fairly and inclusively, giving context, setting expectations and providing realistic deadlines.

Blakes Mindset is about progress, and some guidelines are aspirational. Whether we are taking small steps to improve our day-to-day or pursuing longer-term goals, focusing on the way that we work together is part of the path forward to an even stronger Blakes.