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Christopher Jones
Christopher’s practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and venture and corporate finance transactions. He regularly advises Canadian, U.S. and other international clients on a wide variety of public and private acquisition and business combination transactions, public offerings, and private placements of equity and debt securities. His clientele includes private equity, venture capital and pension funds and businesses that range from early-stage ventures to publicly traded, multinational corporations operating in a variety of industries, including technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.
"As a large firm, with the skillsets and tools to solve problems faced by a wide range of companies, we can bring a different perspective to our work with founders ‒ because we have empathy for ‘both sides of the table,’” notes Chris. “We understand the performance expectations that companies face at each growth point and, as a result, we can effectively guide smaller companies through all stages of their development . . . as they develop products and services that will ultimately change the way the world works."
 Prior to joining Blakes, Christopher spent five years practising law in the United States.

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