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Lindsay McLeod

Lindsay’s practice focuses on employee compensation, including all aspects of executive compensation, pension, and employee benefit plans. Lindsay advises clients on regulatory compliance as well as the taxation, design, administration, and governance of these arrangements. For start-ups and emerging companies, Lindsay’s advice focuses  on the use of stock options and other types of incentive plans to help attract and retain talent.

"Your typical start-up doesn’t have a lot of extra cash lying around to use to attract talent – so stock options or other equity based arrangements, can be an important part of the compensation package. Poorly-executed employee stock option plans can impact employee engagement,  limit acquisition and investor opportunities  and take the focus away from the Company’s valuable work."
Lindsay also has experience advising clients on the risks and complex issues that arise in connection with mergers and acquisitions and management incentive plans.  She has also practiced in London, UK with a prominent international law firm.

To learn more about Lindsay's background and obtain her contact information, click here.