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Canadian Cybersecurity Trends Study 2021

Canadian Cybersecurity Trends Study 2021
Canadian Cybersecurity Trends Study 2021

Despite surging numbers of cybersecurity incidents in Canada, there has been minimal objective Canadian data available for companies to compare their experiences with those of others. The Blakes Cybersecurity group has drawn on internal and external resources and partners to fill that gap.

Blakes is pleased to launch the second edition of its Canadian Cybersecurity Trends Study, the first publication of its kind in Canada.

We invite you to review the results of the study for valuable insights to help you develop or update your cybersecurity-preparedness strategy. We remind our readers that one of the most important things an organization can do to properly secure itself against cyber threats is to maintain vigilance. This means continually refreshing policies, being mindful about the introduction of new systems and processes within the organization and ongoing training. For further information about cybersecurity, please contact:
Catherine Beagan Flood          416-863-2269
Sunny Handa                             514-982-4008
or any other member of our Cybersecurity group.

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