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Board Report: Opportunities for Women General Counsel

Board Report: Opportunities for Women General Counsel
Board Report: Opportunities for Women General Counsel
"Five years ago, Blakes took the ambitious and unprecedented step of benchmarking the Canadian public company landscape for women General Counsel (GCs). We were inspired by our conviction that women GCs bring key operational and strategic experience to boards that translates into a persuasive value proposition, and that diversity enriches the conversation and the decision-making at the board table. Year over year, the study has revealed an evolving good news story with respect to women GCs on boards. At the five-year mark, the positive story continues with our 2020 Blakes Board Report."

The Blakes Board Report: Opportunities for Women General Counsel (Board Report) documents our leading-edge research into the progress and prospects for women GCs on Canadian public company boards. 

Blakes has long been committed to championing and promoting women leaders — within the Firm, in business and in the legal profession. We founded Women@Blakes in 2007 to focus on the recruitment, professional development and retention of women, and to create business development and leadership opportunities for women lawyers and clients. Since then, our women’s programming has grown exponentially, reaching more professionals than ever before, building invested communities and making an impact across the country. 

To demonstrate its commitment to supporting board success for women lawyers, Blakes selected the topic “Optimizing Your Board Performance” as this year’s theme for the Board Report. Sensing that the community craves the personal interaction that is so challenging to achieve during this time of COVID disruption, we hosted two virtual roundtables of general counsel, both current and former, who are on public company boards across the country. Moderated by Blakes Partners Stacy McLean and Kathleen Keilty, the roundtables permitted rich discussion and interaction on key themes to help GCs enhance their personal performance in the boardroom. 

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Alison Jeffrey
Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives & Client Development Coaching | Toronto