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Wellness Resources at Blakes

Extended Health Care: Access to Mental-Health Care
Our extended-health-care provision includes a market-leading annual mental-health-care benefit for all eligible Firm members and their dependents. This benefit provides coverage for all registered providers of mental-health services, including social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and clinical counsellors.

Mental-Health First-Aid Training
Blakes has introduced the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health First Aid training program for people leaders across our offices. This essential training equips our leaders with the ability to recognize, empathize with and support colleagues experiencing mental-health issues or barriers to care. The program prepares leaders to recognize changes in behaviour, respond with a conversation and guide individuals to appropriate resources and support.

MindBeacon: Fight Depression, Anxiety and PTSD
MindBeacon is an online therapy provider whose clinically proven approach helps people struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder become more resilient to life’s many challenges. With registered therapists overseeing treatment, the program offers our Canadian employees and their dependents (age 16 and older) a full spectrum of digital mental-health supports, from therapist-guided programs to face-to-face live therapy.

LifeSpeak: Training and Education on Mental Health, Stress Management and Resilience
LifeSpeak is a unique and user-friendly online platform that provides our lawyers and staff and their family members with on-demand access to more than 100 videos and podcasts across a range of topics, including mental health, stress management and resilience.

Wellness Seminars and Programming
Blakes offers its employees a series of seminars addressing the four pillars of wellness: mental, physical, financial and social health.

Access to Dedicated Counsellors
Blakes makes available confidential, short-term counselling for our people, dedicating a counsellor to each of our Canadian offices. Our counsellors offer support for a wide range of clinical issues and have experience assisting clients from law firm environments. 

Employee and Family Assistance Program
Through this program, Blakes members and their dependents have around-the-clock access to confidential support for most of life’s challenges. This includes counselling, online programs and on-demand resources that cover a range of well-being topics.