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Sustainability at work.

We are committed to identifying opportunities to reduce our environmental impact as individuals and as a Firm.

What We've Done as a Firm
What We've Done as a Firm
  • Support electronic filing of documents

  • Recycle and shred discarded paper

  • Have made available (throughout our business premises) recycling services and facilities for paper, packaging, containers, organic matter and electronic waste

  • Minimize the use of bottled water at Firm and client functions, as well as offering water in reusable containers

  • Do business with suppliers who are environmentally conscious (to the extent reasonably possible)

  • Support use of low-fuel consumption vehicles for Firm travel

  • Purchasing environmentally friendly supplies when possible and limiting packaging from our suppliers

Encouraging Individual Green Efforts
Encouraging Individual Green Efforts

Making positive change requires all hands on deck. We promote environmentally friendly habits from our lawyers and staff, such as:

  • Printing double-sided to reduce paper and toner consumption

  • Printing with low resolution to incur additional savings in toner use

  • Turning off lights at the end of the day (where motion-sensing lighting is not available)

  • Shutting down computers before leaving the office

Choosing Green Premises
Choosing Green Premises

All of our Canadian offices are located in premier buildings that are LEED certified and effectively maximize their sustainability performance. In addition, we have taken measures to further reduce our environmental impact, by installing energy-efficient updates, including:        

  • State-of-the-art HVAC controls and elements to regulate the temperature and airflow

  • Clerestory glass that allows natural light to be filtered into the space

  • Motion-sensing lighting and energy-efficient bulbs

  • Carpet tiles to allow for less waste and easy replacement

  • Energy-efficient hand dryers in washrooms

Pro Bono Legal Services
Pro Bono Legal Services

We offer legal services on a pro bono basis to organizations working to foster and support a sustainable future. See our Pro Bono page to learn more about the great work our clients are doing.

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