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Brownfields Redevelopment

Brownfields Redevelopment
Brownfields Redevelopment
Expertise / Practices / Environmental / Brownfields Redevelopment

The Blakes Environmental group includes a team of specialists who regularly advise on the acquisition and redevelopment of brownfields properties. Our lawyers assist real estate developers, landowners and occupiers with assessing property and transforming contaminated sites into environmentally safe and economically productive projects.

Landowners, developers and investors rely on us for transactional guidance and advice on risk avoidance, insurance coverage and compliance with all Canadian brownfields regulatory requirements. Blakes lawyers advise clients at every stage of brownfields development, from site consideration and project finance through remediation, project completion and property sale.

Clients rely on our skilled team of environmental and regulatory lawyers who are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of brownfields redevelopment including the full range of evolving federal and provincial reporting, filing, disclosure and remediation requirements. Clients benefit from our strong working relationships with regulators and our deep understanding of the regulatory scheme applicable to brownfields redevelopment.

Blakes environmental lawyers regularly conduct due diligence investigations and advise on voluntary clean-up programs. We also assist clients with developing and implementing regulatory and risk management strategies, assessing environmental risks and structuring transactions in ways that favourably allocate risk and minimize our clients’ potential environmental liabilities.

Our Environmental Litigation & Enforcement team represents clients in contamination audits and investigations and appears on behalf of clients before regulatory agencies and in courts at all levels throughout Canada.

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