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Brownfields Redevelopment

Brownfields Redevelopment
Brownfields Redevelopment
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The Blakes Environmental group has strong working relationships with regulators and indepth knowledge of brownfields redevelopment regulations. We draw on these assets to provide the best advice to our clients on the acquisition and transformation of contaminated sites into environmentally safe and economically productive projects.
Our role is to assist landowners, developers, investors and occupiers on risk avoidance, insurance coverage, compliance with all Canadian brownfields regulatory requirements, filing, disclosure and remediation requirements.

Recent Experience
  • A manufacturer on the closure of a former foundry site located in Quebec, the approval of a site clean-up plan and related agreements, the eventual sale of the property, and an indemnity claim against the former owner of the property.

  • A major vehicle manufacturer on the remediation, disposition and redevelopment of various legacy industrial sites.

  • A quarry operator in the redevelopment of a quarry site into a residential community.

  • A cement terminal in the relocation and redevelopment of its site in the Toronto port area.

  • A leading agribusiness in the remediation and redevelopment of various heavily contaminated sites.