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How Our Unique Alternative Service Delivery Model Helped A Client Manage Their NDA Reviews


A frequent pain point for many investor clients is the review of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). NDAs can be time sensitive, repetitive and take up excessive time and resources from our clients’ in-house legal teams.   

A client approached Blakes with a need for consistent, efficient legal support for the critical and high-volume review of NDAs relating to investment transactions.

inSource’s flexible staffing solution turned Blakes into an extension of our client’s in-house legal team, delivering a premium-quality service under a pricing model that worked.


A client that is regularly pursing investment opportunities needed up to 20 NDAs with potential targets reviewed quickly and efficiently each month.  The review was taking up excessive time and resources of our client’s in-house legal team, and our client was interested in an outsourced solution for this high-volume NDA review.  


 As with any task where you’ve got a large and fluctuating volume of repetitive work, NDA review can be a pain point for many clients. Our inSource team is like an extension of the in-house legal department, freeing up our client’s legal team for more complex matters. 
Anne Glover, Partner

First, inSource worked with our client to put together a functional playbook for the review of the NDAs to ensure consistency and efficiency. Second, we put together a scalable staffing solution that allowed our client to meet varying demand levels for this high-volume work at a lower and more predictable cost.

Building on our existing relationship with our client and deep understanding of their operations and preferences, the Blakes inSource team quickly evolved into an extension of the client’s legal team.


inSource reviews up to 20 NDAs for our client each month, allowing the client's in-house legal team to focus on other transactional decisions and strategic legal issues.

With the help of the Blakes inSource team, all NDA reviews are turned around in a matter of hours, even when surges in volume mean several reviews are in process simultaneously.

By having a dedicated team for this NDA review, the lawyers at inSource have become experts on the NDA reviews — providing consistent and high-quality work for our client.

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