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Mitchell Folk

Mitchell Folk
Mitchell Folk Articling Student | Calgary
  • Co-author: Review of Allan C Hutchinson, Democracy and Constitutions: Putting Citizens First
    Review of Constitutional Studies, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 169-176, 2023.
  • Author: An Encomium for Consideration: Indigenous Project Support and the Grassy Mountain Public Interest Determination
    Lakehead Law Journal, Vol 5:2, 2023.
  • Co-author: A Eulogy for Arbitral Deference? The Standard of Review for Private Arbitrations Post-Vavilov
    Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice, Thomson Reuters Canada Limited, June 2022.
  • Author: More Problem Than Solution? Patent Subject-Matter Eligibility Following Choueifaty and CIPO’s 2020 Practice Notice
    Canadian Intellectual Property Review, Vol. 36, pp. 50-58, 2021.

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