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Health & Safety

As occupational health and safety concerns have taken on heightened importance in recent years, businesses are being subjected to greater levels of scrutiny by government inspectors and more significant fines and penalties. Complying with the complicated and ever-increasing legislative and regulatory obligations relating to workplace health and safety can be daunting. However, failing to do so can result in workplace injuries as well as serious damage to the company’s reputation and its bottom line.
The Blakes Health & Safety group has specialized knowledge and extensive experience advising clients on occupational health and safety concerns. This is why businesses across industries engage Blakes. Our lawyers possess comprehensive knowledge of the federal- and provincial-specific occupational health and safety regulations. They are also skilled at representing clients in negotiations with regulators and clients who face charges under occupational health and safety laws.

Canadian businesses and foreign companies doing business in Canada frequently retain us to assist them with developing, implementing and enforcing workplace health and safety policies, establishing risk avoidance strategies, and understanding and complying with applicable federal and provincial regulations. We also advise clients on the standards they must achieve and maintain, and represent them before tribunals and in courts at all levels across Canada. Additionally, we advise on and manage investigations and defend our clients when they are charged with violations.

Operating on a national level, our Employment & Labour lawyers possess an in-depth knowledge of both federal and provincial employment laws and can provide location-specific advice no matter where our clients operate in Canada.


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