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Chemical & Waste Regulation

Chemical & Waste Regulation
Chemical & Waste Regulation

Our Environmental group has particular expertise in chemical regulation matters, including chemical substances and hazardous products. Members of our team have advanced degrees in chemical engineering and related fields, making them particularly adept at advising on intellectual property protection, product licensing, implementation of appropriate controls and toxicological testing.
Our role is to assist with developing, implementing and enforcing chemical management systems and corporate compliance programs. We advise on data retention, registration and reporting requirements, enforcement actions, risk management, as well as legislative developments and regulatory initiatives for all types of regulated chemical products. We also advise on the legal requirements and regulations when importing and exporting chemical substances.

Recent Experience
  • A contractor on an agreement to remediate a mine site and manage and treat tailings dams and wastewater for a northern Canadian mine.

  • Clients on the permitting and environmental requirements for wastewater treatment facilities in B.C.

  • A range of clients on compliance with the federal New Substances Notification regime.

  • A chemicals manufacturer in charges relating to the illegal importation of toxic substances.

  • Clients on complex determinations of whether waste is hazardous and what disposal options are available.

  • A client in defending a cost-recovery claim related to metals contamination.

  • A range of clients on requirements and emergency plans under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.