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Manufacturing is a key industry in the Canadian economy, accounting for 10 per cent of the gross domestic product. Nevertheless, the manufacturing industry is facing challenging times. Manufacturers have had to deal with a fluctuating Canadian dollar, increases in global competition and disruptions to supply chains. These challenges have driven Canadian manufacturing companies to be resilient and adaptive, investing in and adopting new technologies related to robotics, artificial intelligence, automation and additive manufacturing (3D printing), among others, to achieve valuable process improvements and operational efficiencies. In addition, some companies have chosen to outsource their regular processes to foreign partners, while others have placed efforts on domestic production and reorganization.
Regardless of the approach taken, our Manufacturing group has proven to be a world leader in providing services and solutions to a wide range of companies in the manufacturing sector. We have represented some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies in issues ranging from licensing and distribution to patents and trade-marks, transfer pricing and tax, and union negotiations.

Blakes lawyers also have unrivalled expertise in advising on acquisitions and divestitures, arranging trade finance, drafting supply chain agreements and handling regulatory issues. In particular, we provide specialized skills in risk management, trade and regulation insight, brand promotion, and protection strategies.
Our global experience also means we can help manufacturers navigate through the complexities of international trade issues such as multi-jurisdictional tax implications, outsourcing and regulatory compliance.
The economic volatility and business-cycle shocks affecting the Canadian manufacturing sector have driven companies to innovate and pursue new strategic initiatives. Throughout the challenges and changes, Blakes has remained at the forefront to provide effective business solutions and support industry players in every facet of the manufacturing industry.


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