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From autonomous vehicles and additive manufacturing to predictive capabilities and blockchain-based driver authentication, new technologies are redefining the automotive landscape. The industry is increasingly moving towards an era of smart vehicles, improving efficiency in manufacturing and modernizing infrastructure to match the progression of technology. With this rate of change, along with the increase of emission and regulatory standards, industry players are faced with added pressure to keep pace with ever-changing laws.
At Blakes, our Automotive lawyers are at the leading edge of the continuous transformations in the automotive industry and are fully informed on the varied complexities presented in both the traditional and evolving markets.

We act for some of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, tier-one parts manufacturers, dealers, distributors, importers, finance-related affiliates and automotive trade associations.

Providing the best advice to clients also requires in-depth knowledge of industry trends. We gauge automotive developments and assess risks in order to advise and assist companies in finding and capitalizing on opportunities. As a leading automotive law firm, we also regularly engage our clients to fully capture the intricacies of their operations and inform them of any updates to the law that may have an impact on their business.

Working together with lawyers from related practice areas, we ensure a 360-degree approach for our clients to better anticipate possible outcomes.


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