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Transportation Electrification: Lobbyisme Québec’s Target Group for 2022-2023

By Patrick Lapierre, Anthony Cayer and Pierre Malhamé (Articling Student)
November 22, 2022

Lobbyisme Québec has unveiled its target group for 2022-2023: the transportation electrification sector. Stakeholders in this sector will be subject to specific monitoring activities for a second consecutive year.

This announcement comes as Lobbyisme Québec is modernizing its Lobbyists Registry, which requires all lobbyists to transition to a new platform and confirm the accuracy of certain information by December 12, 2022.


As part of its mandate, Lobbyisme Québec carries out awareness, monitoring, auditing and investigation activities on a daily basis to ensure compliance with Québec’s Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act (Act). In addition, each year, Lobbyisme Québec identifies a target group that is subject to increased awareness and monitoring activities. The target group is determined on the basis of societal concerns and issues, as well as the likelihood of influential communications being made within that group.

The information technology, cannabis, cryptocurrency and cybersecurity sectors have all been target groups in the past. However, since 2021, Lobbyisme Québec has focused its monitoring efforts on stakeholders within the transportation electrification sector. As major investment announcements continue to be made with respect to transportation electrification initiatives, it comes as no surprise that Lobbyisme Québec is focusing its attention on this busy business sector involving several socio-political issues, including environmental concerns. Transportation electrification is also a key component of Quebec’s energy transition and its achievement of greenhouse gas reduction targets. Furthermore, the Quebec government has designated transportation electrification as a priority area of intervention in its 2030 Plan for a Green Economy.

It is therefore expected that many representatives or consultant lobbyists of companies interested in this sector will continue to approach public office holders with solutions for achieving the objectives set out by the Quebec government. The undertakings of these representatives, with a purpose to influence a decision, may, in certain circumstances, be considered lobbying activities within the meaning of the Act, thereby requiring their registration in the Lobbyists Registry.

Lobbyisme Québec also points out that any communication with a public office holder with the following purposes constitutes a lobbying activity within the meaning of the Act:

  • influencing government policy directions in order to accelerate and promote transportation electrification, including through the creation of various incentives in the form of programs, financial assistance or subsidies to businesses and individuals;

  • requesting amendments to programs, action plans or legislative and regulatory measures, such as:

    • The 2030 Plan for a Green Economy and the 2022-2027 Implementation Plan;

    • The Roulez vert program;

    • The Quebec government’s school transportation electrification program;

    • The Transportez vert program; or

    • The Act to increase the number of zero-emission motor vehicles in Quebec in order to reduce greenhouse gas and other pollutant emissions or its associated regulations;

  • Obtaining the support of a municipality for the establishment of an electric vehicle assembly plant, or the amendment of zoning regulations for the purpose thereof;

  • Obtaining contracts pertaining to:

    • Selling or leasing electric vehicles for personal or public use, or for the transportation of goods; or

    • Selling, leasing, installing or maintaining batteries or charging stations.

Increased monitoring and awareness activities will therefore continue to be conducted with these companies and organizations to assess whether their lobbying activities are in compliance with the Act. These monitoring activities include sending awareness messages to stakeholders in the transportation electrification sector, as well as partnering with certain ministries and government agencies to inform relevant public office holders of their obligations under the Act.


Lobbyisme Québec is also currently modernizing its platform for disclosing and consulting lobbying activities. Since October 13, 2022, lobbyists have been invited to disclose their lobbying activities through the new Carrefour Lobby Québec platform. Businesses and individuals have until December 12, 2022, to ensure that the information contained in their declarations and mandates is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Stakeholders in the transportation electrification sector should therefore exercise vigilance in meeting the new requirements imposed by this platform change. That said, these requirements apply not only to stakeholders within the target group, but to all lobbyists.

For more information, please contact:

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