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Calgary Student Program

Summer Student Program

The Calgary office hires both first and second-year summer students. Traditionally, the Calgary office hires 10 to 14 summer students each year. The compensation and benefits package for summer students is competitive within the market.

Our recruitment of summer students is governed by The Law Society of Alberta.

Upon arrival at Blakes in early May, students attend an orientation session that introduces them to the Firm and its resources and ensures that students are integrated into the Firm.

Summer students are matched with mentors who are actively involved in training students and ensuring that students receive interesting and varied work assignments. Blakes has a long tradition of providing a strong foundation for legal careers through top-notch mentoring. Our partners benefited from the introduction and wise counsel of more senior members of the Firm, and the Firm benefits further when those lessons are passed onto our summer students.

Throughout the summer, students have the chance to participate in a range of social events and in particular with the Stampede Roundup event at Fort Calgary. The social events are a great way to get to know the lawyers and other students at the Firm. Such events may include casual lunches, organized student events and the annual family ski trip.

As an integral part of the Calgary office team, students are invited to participate in client functions.

Summer students receive informal evaluations throughout the summer and a formal evaluation at the end of July. During the summer, students will learn if they will be hired back as articling students. Our goal in the evaluation system is to help each student develop their skills as lawyers in training.