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Vancouver Student Program

Articling Rotation System

The Blakes Articling Student Program is designed to ensure that students receive well-rounded articles by gaining experience in, and exposure to, different areas of law. Students are given the opportunity to request specific corporate or litigation groups that they would like to work with more closely and will rotate to different floors as part of our three-rotation system. This ensures that our students obtain broad exposure to the principal areas of our practice under the individual guidance and supervision of experienced lawyers, and it also gives students the ability to tailor their articles to suit their individual interests.


Blakes puts an emphasis on the importance of good mentoring. In addition to their principal, students are under the supervision of a team of associate mentors who help train and support the students.

Professional Development

Articling students receive a full orientation to the resources at the Firm and participate in a series of in-house seminars (live and recorded) throughout the year. The seminars cover topics ranging from the development of basic practice skills to introductions to specific practice areas. Our librarians are available on an ongoing basis to assist students and associates with legal research and writing and issues of substantive law. Associates participate in a week-long national training programs that allows them to interact with their colleagues in other offices, while developing key practice skills. 

The “Nuts and Bolts” of Articling

We have two fixed start dates for our articled students: starting at the firm in July/August (with PLTC taken in May or February) or starting at the firm in November/December (with PLTC taken in September). 

Feedback and Evaluation

Our lawyers give students regular ongoing assessments of their performance on an informal basis. Articled students will also receive two formal evaluations during their articling year.

These feedback meetings provide constructive information to the students and create a structured opportunity for students to express their views on the opportunities the have received and the direction they would like to see for the balance of their articling year.

Compensation & Benefits

The current annual salary for articled students is C$80,000, which includes 10 days of paid vacation. Blakes compensation package is competitive with other large national law firms and includes benefits and payment of Law Society fees. 

Hireback Rates

Due to our continued and steady growth, we can offer associate positions to a high percentage of our articled students (consistently between 80% and 100%).