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Political Law

When engaging with the public sector, additional legal requirements and practical matters need to be considered that go above and beyond the usual legal and commercial issues encountered in the private sector. Parties may simply need advice on the commercial and legal implications of dealing with or procuring to the public sector. They may want guidance on lobbying or electoral compliance. They may also face the often-daunting process of seeking special dispensation from the government. Whatever the issue, navigating this complex system requires knowledge, experience, persistence, skill and finesse.

With decades of experience, the Blakes Political Law team includes highly regarded lawyers who regularly represent both public entities and private companies doing business with the public sector. Our team also includes counsel who previously served as federal, provincial or municipal public officials in several jurisdictions. We fully grasp the complexities and subtle nuances of public and political law and are adept at obtaining judicial review, administrative and legislative resolutions, and alternative solutions.

Blakes lawyers possess leading expertise regarding government and public-sector issues and maintain solid working relationships with an extensive network of government contacts. We provide practical and effective counsel on dealing with the public sector; government, political and legislative processes, approvals and initiatives; procurement issues; and public policy and legal reform.

We are also leaders in advising on and resolving issues regarding:

  • Access to information
  • Assignment of Crown debts
  • Constitutional law
  • Conflict of interest laws
  • Crisis management
  • Disclosure obligations
  • Disputes with the Crown
  • Ethics obligations, giving and receiving gifts and hospitality
  • Government finance and budget processes
  • Government policy and decision-making
  • Lobbying legislation and compliance
  • Non-profits, charities and charitable involvement
  • Political law, including elections, election finance and political activities
  • Public law and public hearings
  • Public-sector procurement and infrastructure
  • Pursuing private legislative remedies
  • Federal security clearances


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