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The Canadian cannabis market has developed into a fast-evolving and expanding sector that is predicted to exceed C$4.3-billion by 2024. Cannabis 2.0, the second wave of cannabis legalization brought into effect in late 2019, set in motion the legalization of cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals. This led to greater market opportunities, including additional and varied product offerings, and increased complexity in the regulatory landscape that governs the industry. Legislative updates and the opportunities they entail will continue to materialize as we navigate our clients through the ever-changing industry.

Blakes has vast experience supporting clients entering new and developing areas in Canada. In 2014, our medical marijuana lawyers started advising clients in the sector. Since then, we have acted as primary legal counsel and trusted advisor to a number of clients providing a steady stream of ongoing advice across all practice areas. Our Cannabis regulatory lawyers are part of a national and multidisciplinary group with cannabis-specific experience and expertise, geared to providing clients with the full range of services required to navigate the continually evolving cannabis market in Canada.

The group is comprised of lawyers who have experience in all aspects of the legalities of cannabis, including with respect to hemp, medical marijuana, edibles and concentrates, vaping, cannabidiol (CBD) and cultivation.

Combined with our expertise in the agribusiness and life sciences sectors, our Cannabis lawyers are well-positioned to advise producers, retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, financiers, technology providers and others servicing medical marijuana and recreational opportunities in the cannabis market. We also advise employers in other sectors whose businesses are impacted by the legalization of cannabis.


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