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Marketing & Advertising

With constant changes in the marketing and advertising industry, businesses today face a host of issues. These range from the unique challenges of advertising on social media and emerging digital platforms to leveraging celebrity and influencer endorsements and utilizing consumer data while protecting privacy. Most importantly, businesses must ensure that product promotions and other consumer touchpoints are effective without creating legal or regulatory risk, consumer complaints or lawsuits.

The Blakes Marketing & Advertising group is here to help. With an industry-leading national practice group, we offer both advisory and dispute resolution services to clients of all sizes and industries. Our lawyers handle a broad range of client advertising and marketing issues, from counsel on compliance matters to transactional work and dispute resolution.

Our lawyers also have cross-disciplinary expertise in related areas such as product compliance, privacy and data protection, and anti-spam to ensure that all of our clients’ promotional campaigns conform to legal requirements.

We advise our clients on the following key areas:

  • Advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns

  • Responding to and initiating advertising complaints

  • Interacting with regulators (including the Competition Bureau and Ad Standards)

  • Advising on advertising regulated products and services, including food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and alcohol

  • French language and Quebec-specific advertising requirements

  • Product claims and substantiation reviews

  • Consumer protection and e-commerce

  • Loyalty/rewards programs

  • Influencer and digital marketing, including on social media

  • Contest/sweepstakes law

  • Comparative advertising

  • Sponsorship and endorsement campaigns

  • Streaming/broadcasting

  • Anti-spam compliance

  • Privacy and data protection

We represent clients in all industries, including heavily regulated industries that require specialized knowledge and expertise such as telecommunications, media and broadcasting, cannabis and vaping, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health care, food and agribusiness, cosmetics, retail and consumer products, children’s products, financial services, public sector, education, and e-games/e-sports. We assist clients on the conception of their advertising and marketing ideas to legal and regulatory review, from preparing the necessary talent, agency, joint marketing and other agreements to execution and litigation, if necessary. We regularly interact with government bodies, including the Competition Bureau, Health Canada, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Ad Standards Canada, the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board  and various provincial regulators.

Our team is national in scope and includes a substantial presence in our Montréal office, which has extensive experience with both federal and provincial language requirements, Quebec-specific advertising issues and how those requirements apply to different industries. In addition to our lawyers, we have an expert team of legal translators, lawyer-revisors, proofreaders and desktop-publishing specialists.


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