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District Energy

District energy systems use a centralized heating and/or cooling plant to distribute steam, hot water and chilled water to provide heating and cooling to multiple buildings in an area. While district energy contributes to sustaining community development, it is also well recognized for creating greater energy efficiency, reduced emissions, highly efficient operations and lower energy costs to the consumer. District energy is being used throughout Canada to achieve greenhouse-gas reduction goals, attract new development, and leverage under-utilized resources.

Blakes lawyers have successfully advised on many of the most complex and innovative district energy projects in Canada, including in the cities of Calgary and Montréal and throughout the province of Ontario. As the district energy sector evolves, the Firm’s significant knowledge and expertise has enabled us to provide strategic insight and superior legal guidance to our clients anywhere it is needed. Owners, operators and financiers of district energy facilities across North America rely on our Power group.
Our Power lawyers regularly advocate for public and private power-industry suppliers and customers on government policy and regulatory matters. We advise on matters such as development of district energy facilities and systems, cogeneration operations, procurement, construction, intellectual property protection, regulatory and environmental compliance, financing, and a host of other considerations impacting district energy producers and customers. Our expertise extends beyond traditional legal advice to provide clients with the business understanding necessary to effectively negotiate rates and energy-specific purchase and sale agreements, deal with combined heat and power (CHP) and cooling and waste heat (CWH) recovery sources, and understand operating considerations.


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