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Blakes IP lawyers regularly help our clients protect the integrity of their brands, assuring consumer safety and addressing the many other challenges presented by counterfeiting.

Counterfeit goods are being produced and trafficked at an unprecedented rate, making counterfeiting a highly sophisticated and global multibillion-dollar industry. Combating the proliferation of counterfeit products and grey market goods requires strategic and proactive advice. Our group advises brand owners in counterfeit disputes in a diverse array of industries, helping clients protect the integrity of their brands, ranging from apparel, consumer goods, electronics and vehicle parts to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Our lawyers work closely with all parties necessary to a successful investigation and resolution, including law enforcement, customs authorities, prosecutors, investigators and local regulatory authorities. We are also experienced in securing and executing Anton Piller orders, and advising on matters involving import regulations, copyright and other IP enforcement rights.
Our proactive approach includes strategically assisting clients with best practices for risk reduction solutions and counterfeiting avoidance, as well as crisis management and procedures to reduce harm and reputational risk. Our group also regularly advises on securing products and packaging against counterfeiters, developing programs to guard and monitor distribution channels, and offers guidance on effective IP portfolio management and protection.


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