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Oil & Gas

Unprecedented challenges call for innovative solutions. Fluctuating commodity prices, rapidly changing regulatory regimes, supply corridor constraints and continuous improvement in technology create a global storm of energy sector volatility. 

The expert oil and gas lawyers at Blakes have the experience and depth of knowledge to navigate our clients through that storm. We act for a client base starting at the initial search for hydrocarbon resources to the final sale to consumers, including exploration and production companies, refining; supply and trading companies, transportation and marketing companies, industry financiers and other stakeholders. We have managed M&A transactions, competition and environmental hearings, regulatory applications, and ownership and operational issues for a wide range of national and international players in the energy industry.

Consolidation and expansion are continually recurring features of the oil and gas industry. Our premier Mergers & Acquisitions and Competition & Antitrust lawyers support our oil and gas and energy law expertise with unsurpassed proficiency in the financing, structuring and regulatory compliance details behind the deals that power growth in the energy sector industry. No other Canadian law firm can provide its clients with this combination of energy-finance strength.

Headquartered in our Calgary office but with practitioners across Canada and worldwide, our Oil & Gas group brings an extraordinary degree of global awareness to the strategic and tactical advice we provide our clients. We provide counsel that is fully informed by the potential and limitations of both conventional and unconventional sources and methods of energy access, today and in the future.


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