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Corporate & Commercial

Corporate & Commercial
Corporate & Commercial
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As the world of business becomes increasingly complex and competitive, our Corporate & Commercial lawyers continue to be trusted advisors in negotiated transactions for leading businesses in Canada and across the globe. We do this by truly listening to our clients, understanding their multifaceted operations and keeping pace with evolving laws and regulations. This puts us in a better position to provide the vital and strategic legal advice our clients have come to rely on.
To further advance the business objectives of our clients, our Corporate & Commercial team draws on resources from legal professionals spanning our Canadian and international offices. Our cross-office collaboration and multidisciplinary approach are the hallmark of the service we provide every day.

Our Corporate & Commercial team includes specialists with experience and insight into every key industry sector in Canada including:


Automotive Manufacturing
Construction Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Governance Mining
Financial Services Oil & Gas
Franchising Power
Food, Beverage & Agribusiness Private Equity
Infrastructure Procurement
Insurance Retail
Life Sciences Technology

We offer an integrated team involving lawyers at various levels of seniority across offices to ensure that each task is staffed at an appropriate level of expertise and experience. Our project management skills enable us to avoid wasted effort and excessive cost.
Whether it’s a transformative acquisition, a crucial joint venture, an infrastructure project, a critical outsourcing contract, a private equity investment, an energy project or the establishment of a new business, our Corporate & Commercial team is there working beside you to help you understand and manage the legal issues that impact your business.

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